Department of Physics, Mathematics & Chemistry Organizes Workshop on “Marvel at Universe – Exploring the meeting points of Science and Spirituality” and “Revolutionary Transitions of Physics in the 19th Century“ on 20th July 2018.  


World Population Day festival celebrated on 17th July 2018, the function presided over by Rev.Fr.Issac PJ CMI. Chief Guests Dr. Ishwarya,  Medical Officer, Primary Health Centre, Devathanapatti. Mr. V.Pavanantham,  Health Superintendent, Devathanapatti. Mr.P.Panner Selvam,  Health Inspector, Devathanapatti.        

Inauguration of Restaurant

A new restaurant NAKSATHRA inaugurated on June 29 , 2018 by Rev.Fr.ISSAC PJ CMI, Principal of Mary Matha College at the college campus, the function felicitated by Rev.Fr.JOBY ALEX CMI and Rev.Fr. BIJOY CMI.

Inauguration of GYM

A new SOLDIER GYM was inaugurated on June 29, 2018 by Rev.Fr. BIJOY CMI, Head Department of Chemistry at the college campus, the function presided over by Rev.Fr. ISSAC PJ CMI and felicitated by Rev.Fr.JOBY ALEX CMI.


Department of Computer Science organizes an One-day Workshop on Technological Innovation in Panchayat Administration on 12th May 2018, the function presided over by Rev.Fr. Issac PJ CMI and felecitated by Rev.Fr. Joby Alex CMI & Rev.Fr. Bijoy CMI. Chief Guests Mr.Jegadesan, BDO,Periyakulam. & Mrs.Dhanlakshmi, BDO, Periyakulam.   Venue: Smart Class Read more